Subscription process

  • Pay via paypal
  • Get your openvpn certificate via email (usually next day)
  • Install/Configure openvpn
  • Connect
  • Hack/Learn/Repeat

Ready to take it to the next level?

First a reality check: You are learning by doing, not by being taught. There's a reason the help link above goes to google! You must be self-sufficient enough to be able to do basic troubleshooting of your own setup, network, connectivity, etc. If you've no idea how to install an openvpn client, there's no help for that here and you should move on.

That said, the challenges inside the pay site do have solutions and they are provided. Usually they are as terse as the free portions, meaning there's at least a command line dump of a working solution. It's up to you to figure out why your solution did or did not work.

limited special!

Just for you p0wnlabs is offering a free month of membership!

Here's the deal: return a survey at the end of your first month membership and you'll get the month for free!

When you signup below, we'll send you the normal membership kit.
At the end of your first month of membership you'll get a simple email survey from us.
Fill it out and we'll refund your membership fee.
It's our way of thanking you for taking the chance, giving the tires a kick and giving us some feedback.


$20USD/Month will get you an openvpn certificate that you can use to connect to our
servers and labs and hack specified targets within our labs to your heart's content.

You simply setup any machine you have with openvpn, install the openvpn certificates we email to you
and connect to p0wnlabs servers where we present you with online machines and challenges to help you learn, explore, test tools, up your skills, etc.

The subscription is auto-renewing, meaning we'll charge your card $20/month until you tell us otherwise.


Cancel anytime. Renew anytime.

If you cancel, PayPal will automatically stop the subscription at the renewal date.
For example, if you signed up on 1/1/2008 then cancelled on 8/20/2008 your recurring payment will end in August/2008 and you will not be charged on 9/1/2008.

This means there's no proration of subscriptions. You cancel anytime and you get to continue hacking until the renewal date. p0wnlabs will automatically revoke your certificate on the renewal date.

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