Had a blast releasing kinectasploit at defcon19. Thanks to all who showed up so late on sunday.

You can pick up an archive of the tool and supporting files here

Kinectasploit is a mash up of kinect, metasploit and a 3D first person shooter game environment built in blender.

Here's a video of the first section including a nmap scan recorded by w5hak The official defcon vids of the entire talk are here

You'll be needing these to play with it:

Kudos to Nate Rock for putting together some videos showing how to get all this working on windows.

Anyone game to do similar for mac?. lemme know

If you want to play with it the key gestures are:

  • Lean forward to move the player forward
  • Lean backward to move the player backward
  • Lean left to slide the player left
  • Lean right to slide the player right
  • Rotate your hips right/left to look right/left
  • Touch both hands to your forehead for 5 seconds to initiate a nmap scan. (removing them before 5secs cancels the scan)
    The room is hard coded to ip, change it as needed.
  • Target a discovered computer by flexing your right arm, touching your shoulder with your left hand and sliding your hand to your elbow (aka cock your gun)
  • Aim the targeting ray by pointing your hand out into the room and wave it around.
    The targeting cube should be visible to guide the ray, though it has a limited range.
  • End the targeting ray by touching your right elbow with your left hand while your hand is outstretched
  • db_autopwn is initiated via the 'arm of honor' gesture once a computer is targeted
  • The next gestures are up to you!

game on.:.

Stay tuned for updates via twitter

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