what the?

p0wnlabs is your place to hack, experiment and learn by doing.

Join up and you get access to online hacking challenges, exercises and virtual lab environments stocked with hacking challenges for your mind:

  • Map a system
  • Find it's vulnerabilities
  • 0wn it
  • Try out new hacking tools
  • Learn new hacking tricks
  • Hone your skills


Maybe you are curious about computer security, maybe you already do it for a living, maybe you're responsible for system security by accident?

In any case you know there's no substitute for real-world, real-environment, hands-on learning.

You simply can't protect, defend, or design a system if you don't know how to hack one. p0wnlabs lets you put your money where your mouth is, learn what works and bring those lessons back to your world.

Most training firms charge thousands of dollars to talking-head you to death and maybe tack on a hands-on exercise or two. p0wnlabs lets you learn by doing at a rate anyone can afford.

If you're already uber-haxor and can nmap, shellcode and metasploit with the best of them this may not be the site for you. But if you're just starting or are a little rusty and need some structured challenges with guaranteed answers, this is your place!

how much?

20USD/month gets you an OpenVPN account to connect your computer to our labs.

Once there you will be given online hacking challenges to perform to test/increase your skills

Current hacking labs include:

  • Eternally vulnerable: pristine unpatched playground for whatever your h@x0r plans may be.
  • Basic Capture the flag: three flags, three boxes in any order
  • Capture the Flag II: Help Bob get his self-esteem back by hacking your way through his ex-employers network.
  • Web vulnerabilities: work your way throught the fab webgoat tutorials
  • SQL Injection: Hack your way into an open source HR system using only sql injection to retrieve a well known SSN.
  • Honeypots: Outsmart the wiley sysadmin by finding the real host in a sea (or a pond) of honeypots.

We'll be adding more...game on!

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